St. Johns Road

Project Details

  • Project Name: St. John's Road
  • Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent
  • Client: Linden Homes


Lanmor Consulting was appointed by Linden Homes to prepare a Transport Assessment in support of a planning application for a residential development of 56 units.

Access to the site was from the A26 St. Johns Road, a major route through Tunbridge Wells. To demonstrate to the planning authority a suitable access to the development could be provided off the A26 we prepared a transport assessment. It looked at the sustainability of the site, as well as the impact the change to residential use would have on the existing access and surrounding highway network.

The site located on the edge of Tunbridge Wells, it was originally occupied by a BMW/Mini car shows rooms and vehicle servicing facilities. The site has good access to the town centre and is well serviced by public transport.

To make way for the proposed development of 56 residential dwellings, the existing buildings are to be demolished and replaced with 13 houses and 43 apartments. £0% of the dwellings will be affordable units for the local community.